Ameera carries the meaning of "Princess" in Arabic language.


Every woman is an AMEERA. She only deserves the best. Ameera Beauty makes the finest halal beauty products that will embrace the AMEERA in you. 


Leave it to us to take care of your beauty needs. 

Just continue what you do best – spreading seeds of love and joy to the world around you. 


The Trendy-Halal Movement

Paving our way into Central Asia, Ameera Beauty aims to be an international halal cosmetics brand. We work with the best chemists and R&D teams to produce high quality cosmetics that is halal, wudhu-friendly (safe to use during prayer), plant-based, animal-cruelty free, alcohol & paraben free. 


All of our manufacturers are halal-certified and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that products comply with Islamic halal requirements. This includes strictly no alcohol, no animal-derived ingredients, no harmful formula or materials and clean utensils throughout each stage of production.


We recognize the clean & natural make-up movement is gaining momentum across the globe. The growing demand for halal beauty products in Muslim markets is a manifestation of this movement. 


Ameera Beauty’s aspiration is to build a diverse brand that is trendy and attractive for both Muslims & non-Muslims to enjoy. We embrace all skin tones, ethnicities and backgrounds because we believe that every woman plays a unique role in making our community a more beautiful and kinder place.